Day Park Swimming and Camping in Coeur D Alene

Found an amazing spot for day camping in Coeur D Alene (CDA)¬†and here some information, a video, and silly still picture of it here. This is located across the road from the Blackwell Island Park RV park and Cedar’s Floating Restaurant access road in CDA. It’s perfect for all ages and groups of people. Here is a list of what you get for a small $5 fee to the parks (paid via honor system).

You can’t stay in the park overnight because they close the gate to the public late at night and open it early in the morning. It’s really a boat launching area first (biggest and nicest lake boat launch I have ever seen), and day camping swimming area second. The boaters are quiet and no bother at all. Dogs are allowed to be there and I rarely see them in leashes, so free for all.

Never really that busy except for weekends days that are really hot. This spot is perfect for cooking, hanging, out, swimming, swimming your dog. If you have an RV is ideal because you can drive your unit right up beside the camping site.

All this for $5 Bucks!!!

  • concrete clean pad
  • no mud or dirt (grass and concrete only)
  • high quality picnic table
  • high quality BBQ fire-pit on a stand for cooking
  • clean water swimming (in-flow to lake)
  • calm water (ALMOST NO CURRENT – VERY SAFE)
  • deep swimming depth for adults
  • shallow swimming area for children
  • tree/rope swing into water
  • no bugs – mosquitoes, horse flies, yellow jackets or wasps
  • extreme swimming privacy from drivers (boat launchers)

Directions – Click this link for the Google Map location!

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