Silver Spur Community in Palm Desert

5silver-spur-rv-park-palmdesertWe’ve been considering some different RV parks in Palm Springs for some possible wintertime snowbirding. On our trip of October 2009 we traveled to 8 different RV parks reviewing the different feeling each park gave. We wanted to see how friendly the staff was and we wanted to see the layout, cleanliness, and security of the parks as well. We needed to know which RV parks allowed pets (two big Golden Retrievers in our case – will posting pictures of them here on BDBUD as well)

In this post we’re putting up some pictures from our visit to the Silver Spur RV Park in Palm Desert (actually as you can see by the sign in the picture, it’s called the Silver Spur Community). We liked many things about the Silver Spur RV Park – they had a full size pool, hot tub area, clean showers, extremely clean paved roads, friendly Residents, great location, and low monthly rates. The monthly cost of $500 a month is that low because of the rent control bylaws of Palm Springs City Council. The weekly rate is $175/wk and includes everything – including electricity.


There is only a small area of the trailer park/RV park that is cordoned off for RVs (A-Class, B-Class, C-Class), because the majority of the lots are for non-mobile trailers. These are single wide or double wide trailers where residents live or northerners use during the winter. All trialers are well kept, clean, and the residents are very polite and orderly. One thing we liked about the Silver Spur RV Park was the fact that it’s not ONLY for old people. There are younger families as well.

Pets are allowed as long the dog breeds are not typically vicious. .  (which is arguably unfair and I know that many dog owners believe that NO dog is dangerous – but that is a discussion for a different blog)

The location of the Silver Spur RV Park is ideal if you have any experience living, or visiting the greater Palm Springs area. Silver Spur is a 4-5 minute drive south of Highway 111 when you are driving on Monterey. The Monterey and Highway 111 intersection is a very popular area and location. This is where the College of the Desert is and the Westfield Mall. This is just to mention two “big deals” in that area, but there are MANY stores, restaurants, and services packed in this area.

Running parallel to Highway 111 is a very small posh street known as El Paseo, where the rich can shop, and usually “by appointment only”. We will provide another post with plenty of pictures all about El Paseo. Below is a map of this area for you to see.MAP-silver-spur-rv-park-palmdesert

Below are some more pictures of the Silver Spur RV Park. Enjoy, and don’t forget to click to enlarge. This first one directly below is the community swimming pool we took a picture of. When we took this picture, one of the Silver Spur staff stopped to ask who we were and what we were doing (actually, he said, “can I help you”, but I know what he was doing – protecting the people and the park).

There is no Community Internet, and this is my only concern. My wife said that the residents in the Silver Spur Community have their own Internet connections, and that some of them use Time Warner. We have not decided whether or not we’ll be staying at the Silver Spur yet, but we’ll post a full review if we do indeed stay there.

Like I said above, the location and price is ideal. From Monterey and Highway 111 you are basically in the middle of the desert area. You can go east toward Indio, Indian Wells, and La Quinta areas, or you can go west on 111 towards Cathedral City, Palm Springs City, Central Palm Desert, and the Airport. You’re basically right in the middle of things and about a 15-20 minute drive to any destination in the desert. if you have every been to Palm Springs you’ll understand how handy that is – there is so much down here, and you want to have access to everything in under an 30 minute drive.

We did end up staying here for 2 months. Our RV spot was one of there bigger sites. It was at the end of the road in a corner, it worked real well for us with our 2 big golden retrievers.

 Our neighbors were very helpful and friendly. We had garbage pick up and recycle once a week. Plus they mail delivery right to your site.

There are trailers for sale there at a very reasonable price if your not into staying in a RV. It’s was great to get away from the cold Canadian winter. I wish we were there right now.

Thanks to every one at the Silver Spur Park for your kind hospitality. We wish every one there all the best!




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