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Avoid the unkept establishments and get a clean hotel in the Somers IA area.

If you want to book a CLEAN hotel in Somers IA you’ve come to the right place.

Our system scours the internet for travel reviews 24/7/365 to find the cleanest hotels and motels in Calhoun County, Iowa.

Therefore, this page lists only well kept, clean, hotels located in and around Somers. These are chosen using our system that excludes hotels with repeated bad reviews on cleanliness.

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Testimonial for August, 15, 2022

“Great website for booking hotels – never have to worry about getting a real dump. My husband found you on Twitter and we haven’t look back since. Keep up the good work!!”
– Shelly Isaacson, Staten Island NY

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How it works

Our system data mines the internet, including social media accounts, travel blogs, and booking websites for travel reviews on hotel rooms, motel rooms, and local attractions. Naturally, this includes Somers IA and the entire State of Iowa. Of course, we know that for every negative review made about a Somers-based hotel or motel’s cleanliness, there can be hundreds of guests that had positive experiences at the same establishment. To overcome this reality our system scours millions of travel related reviews a week, and cross checks all the data looking for patterns of consistency in the reviews. This way the odd disgruntled guest can’t skew our data.

We don’t “trash” local Somers IA establishments

We do not disparage any Somers-based establishments, hotels, motels, or chains for being unkept, messy, or dirty. Our system simply removes the hotels and motels currently struggling to “keep it clean” from our our database and the map. Once our system notices the negative reviews on cleanliness have stopped, that establishment will be listed in our system again. Please read our advertising disclosures and privacy policy before using our service.

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Some history behind our unique service

Our service was created due to our founders’ personal and business travel experiences. They are rather “fussy” when it comes to the cleanliness of hotels, motels, cruises, etc. There’s nothing worse than searching high and low for accommodations, booking your travel, packing up, SPENDING THE BIG BUCKS, then getting there to discover your room is dirty, rundown, and/or filled with “unfortunate odours” (A.K.A stinky!)

Since our team has always had a passion for data mining and web development, we thought it would be pretty cool if we had a website that helped travellers find cleaner accommodations.

From all of us at Bdbud, welcome aboard!

How to use our search function

Visit our clean hotel search page and do a search for the city or town you plan to visit.

If we’ve indexed a page on the location, you’ll see it in your search results. Then check out the page for all the listed accommodations in your destination city. Any hotels, motels, or attractions on that page will have passed our system’s screening process for cleanliness based on all reviews of the establishment in the past 3 months.

Very simple at this stage. More development coming.

Thanks for using!

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Updated August, 15, 2022

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Quick travel note for August, 15, 2022

Ever wondered how to clean a hotel room the right way?

When your hotel room gets cleaned it has to be done in an organized manner. Experienced chambermaids have their work order down cold and they can do it with very little thought. The keyword when it comes to cleaning a hotel room is “order”.

All tasks need to be carried out in the proper order.

We came across this chambermaid instructional from an old Marriot hotel back in the early 80s.

Step A.) The beds: Remove all sheets from the bed(s) and store them in the trolley. Don’t leave them on the floor. Check each bed for damage, mattress stains, rips, or burns. It just takes a quick moment to walk around and check things out.

Step B.) Garbage removal: Hunt for garbage with an eagle eye. Don’t forget to look behind the night stands, dressers, under the beds, corners, under the curtains, etc. There is nothing worse than a guest finding a wad of gum stuck under the corner of their nightstand.

Step C.) Hand wiping and dusting: Wipe everything down thoroughly with a bacteria killing rag. All night stands, dressers, tables, chairs, bathroom, fridge, light switches….every thing! This removes all grime and dust in one step.

Step D.) Clean the bathroom: Clean the bathroom like Howard Hughs in Vegas – in others words, clean it like it was your own and you’re a serious germaphobe. This is arguably the most important area of a hotel room for extreme cleanliness. Every nook and cranny has to perfect, and you need to a strong sanitizer for this step. Get behind the toilet and don’t forget to look under the counter as well. Need we even mention the mirror should be spotless?

Step E.) Make the bed(s): When making each bed check the mattress one more time, and be sure to check the sheets for rips, tears, stains, or burns. Make sure the bed is made near perfect, with no lines, folds, puckers, or wrinkles showing. The bed needs to look sharp as possible on it’s corners.

Step F.) Refill and replenish: Refill and replenish menus, minibar drinks, notebooks, pens, soap, shampoo, towels, face clothes, toiletries, laundry bags, etc. Also another step you need to be extra dilligent with.

Step G.) Mop and Vacuum: Do a thorough mopping of the bathroom, and all non-carpet areas. Mop first and vacuum second. When vacuuming keep your eyes peeled for any other clutter, garbage, debris, hair, wrappers, etc,, that might get missed.

Step H.) Final spot checks: At this point you want do an eagle-eye spot check. Newbies should be using a checklist during this step, and some of the old pros still use a checklist. Make sure all mirrors are spotless. No signs of anything on the floor, No hair from the last guests on the nightstands or in the bathroom.

Step I.) FINAL CROSS CHECK: If available, get a second pair of eyes to go through and check your work. All professionl establishments do this. A fresh set of eyes can see things you may have lost in your process. Check for any possible odors as well. If you notice any odors, take action to remove them before leaving the room.

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