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Avoid the unkept establishments and get a clean hotel in the Sugarmill Woods FL area.

If you want to book a CLEAN hotel in Sugarmill Woods FL you’ve come to the right place.

Our system scours the internet for travel reviews 24/7/365 to find the cleanest hotels and motels in Citrus County, Florida.

Therefore, this page lists only well kept, clean, hotels located in and around Sugarmill Woods. These are chosen using our system that excludes hotels with repeated bad reviews on cleanliness.

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Testimonial for August, 10, 2022

“This is a new idea. Why didn’t I think of it. Thank you BDBUD!!!!”
– Juan Hernandez, Newark NJ

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How it works

Our system data mines the internet, including social media accounts, travel blogs, and booking websites for travel reviews on hotel rooms, motel rooms, and local attractions. Naturally, this includes Sugarmill Woods FL and the entire State of Florida. Of course, we know that for every negative review made about a Sugarmill Woods-based hotel or motel’s cleanliness, there can be hundreds of guests that had positive experiences at the same establishment. To overcome this reality our system scours millions of travel related reviews a week, and cross checks all the data looking for patterns of consistency in the reviews. This way the odd disgruntled guest can’t skew our data.

We don’t “trash” local Sugarmill Woods FL establishments

We do not disparage any Sugarmill Woods-based establishments, hotels, motels, or chains for being unkept, messy, or dirty. Our system simply removes the hotels and motels currently struggling to “keep it clean” from our our database and the map. Once our system notices the negative reviews on cleanliness have stopped, that establishment will be listed in our system again. Please read our advertising disclosures and privacy policy before using our service.

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Some history behind our unique service

Our service was created due to our founders’ personal and business travel experiences. They are rather “fussy” when it comes to the cleanliness of hotels, motels, cruises, etc. There’s nothing worse than searching high and low for accommodations, booking your travel, packing up, SPENDING THE BIG BUCKS, then getting there to discover your room is dirty, rundown, and/or filled with “unfortunate odours” (A.K.A stinky!)

Since our team has always had a passion for data mining and web development, we thought it would be pretty cool if we had a website that helped travellers find cleaner accommodations.

From all of us at Bdbud, welcome aboard!

How to use our search function

Visit our clean hotel search page and do a search for the city or town you plan to visit.

If we’ve indexed a page on the location, you’ll see it in your search results. Then check out the page for all the listed accommodations in your destination city. Any hotels, motels, or attractions on that page will have passed our system’s screening process for cleanliness based on all reviews of the establishment in the past 3 months.

Very simple at this stage. More development coming.

Thanks for using!

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Updated August, 10, 2022

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Quick travel note for August, 10, 2022

Santitize your hotel room before entering

This tip might seem crazy to you, but it’s a great idea to quickly sanitize your hotel room before entering with the family, and all your luggage. If you’re traveling with family or on a business trip, select someone to go into the room by themselves first with some bacteria killing sanitized cleaning clothes (like sani-wipes) and clean all the door knobs, taps, bathroom taps, light switches, remote controls, phones, etc. – anything you would touch during your hotel stay.

There are even some travelers who go as far as bringing their own sheets just in the case the hotel management has been sleeping on the job, and having a shortage of chambermaids. Finding willing employees to clean hotel rooms is getting harder and harder for major hotel chains, so it’s worth taking cleanliness of your room into your own hands.

If you do this everytime you book into a hotel or motel, you will contract far less colds and flu bugs. Of course, you can’t avoid every bad bug that comes along, you will stay much healthier in the long run. These days, that goes for every activity outside your home.

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