Quick Introduction


Fast Loading Divi was founded by Sask SEO based in Canada. Our team was orginally focused on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) but over the years we discovered the most important factor for a high ranking and high converting website was the load speed and user experience. In fact, the latest Google algorthmns take into account the user experience as a KEY factor in ranking web pages and websites.

So we began creating our custom DIVI layouts specifically for load speed. This website is where we focus on selling only fast loading and responsive DIVI layout for webmasters like yourself.

If you’ve never actually take the DIVI theme for a test run, we encourage you to give it whirl. We know you’ll be blown away with how easy it is to make beautiful, fast loading, fully responsive website. Here is our AF link to their website.

We have started a blog for all things DIVI as well, where we will post tips, tricks, and fixes. Just things that might be helpful to you when building with DIVI. We won’t post tips that have already been posted online many times.

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